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Portuguese guy moves to Istanbul, learns turkish and lives the new culture.
Um português em Istanbul
Bir portekiz İstanbul'da

Location: Turkey



3 months ago I was told by a friend that Madredeus would come to Istanbul. Their first time in Turkey!
Even though I just heard it 2 days before and Istanbul is such a big city, I tryed to go there. I managed to find the concert house and was there 20 minutes before the start.
I soon found out that this was a concert for the elite. The ticket prices was more than 25 euros and actually by then they were all sold!
I decided to wait, maybe someone would cancel, or sell... But I wasn't the only one with this hope. About some other 10 people did the same, so while waiting and talking with these people I had some very interesting conversations!
There was an italian couple, since I know Italian and they didn't know turkish or english, I was translating what was hapening, I didn't find much about them, the woman told me that she saw a concert of Madredeus in Casablanca and she loved them!
Then there was this group of 4 turkish, one of them was fighting good for our cause "Listen, either we all go in, or no one goes! They have free places inside, I know because a friend of mine is in there!" They talked with theater guys trying by all means to get us in, they even showed their love for Madredeus music by singing part of "A Vaca de Fogo"! I joined in the song :) Every effort was worthless, they would not get moved by our singing talents.
Then I met a man from the brasilian consulate in Istanbul! He happened to be in the lobby waiting for someone. He was very kind and invited me to visit the consuluate and meet brasileans living in Istanbul.
And finally I met a turkish guy that worked in the theater and... be amazed!... spoke portuguese (not brasilean portuguese)! He told me that he used to be a turist guide for portuguese turists. He was working in the theater, and he would try to get 2 tickets for me "It's not every day you meet portuguese living in Istanbul", (until now I found only 1 family living here!) he looked promising, but after waiting for another 30 minutes he didn't come back and all my waiting friends were gone, so... I decided to come back on the next tour...
I didn't get to hear Madredeus live but I got to meet a lot of interesting new people! And there were more to meet while walking around the concert area.


Yet another portuguese emigrant!

I'm not the only tuga living the dangers of the outer world!
Pensamentos d'Emigra



Today we have a holiday! The Youth and Sports Day.
Television shows 2 big stadiums filled with young people dancing in big coreographies.
It seems that Atatürk established this day together with the Children's day on April 23 to be holidays.
They told me that on the Children's day Turkey invites 1 children from every country in the world to come to the cities of Turkey and celebrate. I'm sorry I missed the party, I could have met the portuguese kid!
Also in the Children's day all the parlamentary people is replaced by children!

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To all my million of readers out there I have 2 big anouncements:


Start packing!

After writing my last post I checked the Turkish Airlines site better and found out that there is a promotion on the flights from Lisbon to Turkey!
Grab it while you can because it's only during June.

Portugal and Turkey

Portugal is on the turkish news. The Turkish Prime-Minister visited Lisbon and the Portuguese President spoke in favour of the Turkish EU integration.
Also they mention that Turkish Airlines will start direct flights on Istanbul-Lisbon. This is good news, but I think prices will still make me fly through Central Europe (and spend 10h with the trip...).



IKEA opened it's first store in Turkey!
Cheap furniture? That's good news!
But the rumour says that the prices are higher than Portugal...