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Portuguese guy moves to Istanbul, learns turkish and lives the new culture.
Um português em Istanbul
Bir portekiz ─░stanbul'da

Location: Turkey


Extending the Residence permit in Turkey (4)

Another year later and I'm back to extend the Residence Permit.
And once again I can see things have improved!
They have cut down on the amount of paper needed and they improved the whole procedure.
Everything now starts at https://e-randevu.iem.gov.tr/yabancilar where you request the visit and fill up the form with the necessary information, you can do it in English!
I chose the reason "LONG-TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT" and got the appointment for a thursday at 12:45.
Then I filled the form with my information, and printed all the pages they gave me (you must have a color printer), these pages include the list of necessary documents and fotocopies to bring.
On the time I was there, together with my wife (as requested), first you get into a line where they check your paper and give you a ticket with a number.
In theory this number would show up on the numbering call system they have there, but on that day that system is down, so I did have to wait (too much time standing) on a line next to the "banko".
Once it was my turn, all papers were correct so things went preety smooth. He handed all the papers back to me and told me to pay on the "Vezne".
The Vezne unfortunately is open only until 14:00, so I had to come back the next day for it... My tip is, try to get an appointment early in the dsay so you don't need to come back.
The next day I payed up (700 liras is the price for a portuguese) and got the papers in. He told me to pick it up the next weekday at 15:00.
The next weekday was a monday, I headed to the police woman who has this new technique for delivering the "Ikamet", you drop the pick up paper with her and sit down and wait to hear her shout your country and name. Obviously this is very funny because she is shouting these foreign names that nobody understands, not event the name owner!

Except for the 1 hour standing by the "banko" I was preety happy with how things went, and I hope next year I won't have to go through this again (I'm thinking of applying for turkish citizenship), or if I do, that things will be even better!

NOTE: The english on the site still has numerous errors, the best one for me was how they spell Portugal on the country list, it's "PORTUGAY"! Wonderfull!