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Extending the Residence permit in Turkey (2)

Just went back today to the Emniyet Mudurluğu (see place in map) to receive Ikamet Tezkeri (Residence Permit).

You should remember to bring your passport or you'll have problems passing the gates. By the way I can add that it's a good ideia not to bring a camera with you, it is orbidden to get in with one so if they see it on the x-ray control they will keep it for you while you go inside.

To receive the permit you go up to the first floor, enter the left door, turn left, walk the corridor, and in the first door on the right, inside the room you turn right and get in a smaller room. You hand him the small paper they gave you before and the police man should hand you your refreshed permit!

Another piece of information that I should add here is that the balcons are open from 8:30 to 17:00, while the Vezne is open from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 12:30 to 15:00.

Again, I keep adding info here with the hope I'll compile it all ina nice "how to" post.

Update: more info here


Extending the Residence permit in Turkey

I just came from the Polis Foreign Office in Istanbul to extend my residence permit.
I want to post some information here about the process while I remember it.
In my case I am married with a turkish citizen so that's what I will write about.
I believe there's not such a big difference between doing it for the first time or extending it, except that you need to bring your current permit book when you extend it, but I may be wrong here, I kinda forgot the details of the the first time.

  • http://yabancilar.iem.gov.tr/ikamet.html "Evlilik Amaçlı İkamet Tezkeresi İçin İstenilen Belgeler" - In here you have the information they give you
  • On the bottom of the page they have a link to the form you need to fill, you can download a PDF or an Excel. You can have this form there printed there for you if you pay 4YTL
    • You must print it in color
    • Notice that there are 2 pages, front tand back, you should print them on the same paper
  • You need a picture of the turkish spouse. They don't have this on the list.
  • You can buy the "Dileçke" over there for the "small" ammount of 4YTL. But it is actually quite easy to do it at home. I'll try to add the text here later.
The process over there is quites simple:
  • You need to bring your spouse, so probably he/she will be doing most of the work
  • If you need to make the form or dilekçe go to the ground floor to the guys on the left kiosk, they'll be happy to help you and get a lot of money from it
  • When you have all the necessary papers you go to the 1st floor, stair hall to "Danışma" and ask for a ticket that indicates the "gişet" number.
  • On the gişet you give it all to the nice police girl, she will find what is wrong or missing, 10 points if you got it all right the first time. If you don't you can leave the papers pending with her while you take care of the missing stuff.
  • When everything is passed, she asks how many years of residence you want to create, that will be around 500YTL per year. She gives you the bill
  • You take the bill to the ground floor to the "Maliye Veznesi" and give him the bill and the money, only to receive a small paper.
  • You bring back the paper to the "gişet" and she will give all forms with pictures attatched ready to enter the system.
  • You take all these forms and give it to the woman on the "Deliver gişet"(or something similar) which is just in front of the "Danışma" after you enter the main door.
  • They will take every paper and your current Residence Permit and give you a paper to pick up the new Permit after 1 week(Update: it's actually 1week for a new permit and 1 day for an extension). In the meantime you can use this paper as a Permit.
Ok, I dumped most of it here. I'll probably make some corrections later when I have more time.

Update: more info here



Residence permit in Turkey

It's that time again to extend the residence permit and as usual I get lost with the procedures and what is needed.
Fortunately a friend has just passed through the ordeal and has the info:
  • Needed papers
  • Wife must come along (that's what the text moving from right to left on that link means)
  • You'll need to return one week after to pick up the permit
This is related to foreigners married to turkish citizens.
It seems to be the same process weather you do it for the first time or if you extend it.
I'll try to update this page with more information once I go through the process.

Update: more info here