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Portuguese guy moves to Istanbul, learns turkish and lives the new culture.
Um português em Istanbul
Bir portekiz İstanbul'da

Location: Turkey


Learning languages online

I recently found this website for learning languages, actually it was my wife, who is learning italian that found it. Livemocha is a social networking site focused on language learning. For me the great functionality is that it allows people to submit exercises in writing or audio, and then other people can rate it and correct them! You can find friends that speak the language you want to learn and are interested in learning a language you know, so you help each other get better at it. They also offer chat written and with audio, courses for free, and payed tutoring.
The idea is great and it works preety good, except for some technical issues like some pages coming up late or a bit broken. Also, I expect it to have more content and functionality support for other languages, unfortunately portuguese (Portugal) and turkish are still not as functional as english and italian.
I found there are other sites in the same market like Babbel and busuu but I think they are more limitted. Let me know if you know differently.